Welcome to PolyFounders

We are the interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship club on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. We connect like-minded individuals from a variety of majors. Individuals who are homogeneous in passion for entrepreneurship and  heterogeneous in specialty. Students like you come together every thursday during U-hour (Room 163-1004) to share innovative ideas, provide constructive feedback and recommend helpful resources. We believe your network is your net worth, during our meetings we teach you how to become a better entrepreneur through guest speakers from local start ups, student-run companies, and industry professionals.

Our goal is to help you build a contact list full of engineers, designers, marketers, market researchers, accountants, finance majors, business lawyers, coders,  and more!

We are known for our events

Bronco Startup Challenge: Giving away $11,000 cash prizes to start-ups.


HackPoly /ˈhakə-pälē/ : One of the largest software/hardware hackathon in Southern California. Cal Poly Pomona’s first and only annual hackathon.

If you are interested in:

- Entrepreneurship
- Technology
- Startups

We are the hub for Cal Poly Pomona’s entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, movers, shakers, people who want to disrupt the status quo.

Join us Thursdays at NOON in room 163-1004.